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    Hello it said on fandom that. You confirmed that amber and Malik were dating after payback is that true

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    Gordon Korman

    Hi, Jaden,
    OK, let’s take a step back here and remind ourselves that Amber and Malik are fictional characters who don’t exist after the last page of PAYBACK. What I very likely said was that it seemed logical to me that the two would get together eventually. If that means they’d be dating, then yes, it’s probable. Confirmed? I don’t think so. —-GK—-

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    Thxs for answering my questions you are my favorite author because those stories can relate to me so when the series was finished i felt the book had such a big impact on me and it inspired me to start writing books.You will always be my favorite author and i will continue to support and read your books at any time i can.By the way i am 12 so it is easy to relate with masterminds.Thxs for writing amazing books and continue on being the author you are


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    Gordon Korman

    It’s very nice of you to say all that, Jaden. I appreciate it a whole lot. Thank you! —-Gordon Korman—-

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    Has there been any progress made in terms if a movie? I think the overall plotline of the books are amazing, and after I read them, I immediately checked to see if there was a film. If there have been offers from film companies, I think it’s best to not make it an animated film. I think seeing the actors act it out with minimal use of CGI would be amazing! I’m not really into sci-fi, but if this were to be filmed, it would probably be the only sci-fi movie I’d watch. The plotline of the book kept me on edge all the time, and I never wanted to stop reading.

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    Gordon Korman

    Hi, Avi,
    So far nothing.
    I agree — I think it would be an amazing movie. And I also agree that animation wouldn’t be suitable — I don’t think anyone would turn it into a cartoon anyway. That wouldn’t suit the tone of the story. But I’ll keep everyone posted if there’s any news, OK?
    —-Gordon Korman—-

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    I just finished this trilogy and loved it! Are there any plans for a fourth one? I’d love to see more of these kids and the ships!

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    Gordon Korman

    Hi, Riley,
    Thanks for posting. I’m pleased to hear that the MASTERMINDS series made a hit with you. So far there are no plans for a fourth book, but I’ll never say never, OK? The series has been very popular and successful. Meanwhile, I’ve written a ton of stuff — 92 titles and more on the way! So I hope you’ll check out THE BOOKS section of this website and read on.
    Thanks again.
    —-Gordon Korman—-

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    I am Marcelus I am 11 and I live in Connecticut.
    Are you going to write a fourth book?

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    Gordon Korman

    Hi, Marcelus,
    Thanks for posting. I assume you’ve been reading the MASTERMINDS series.
    Right now I have no plans for a 4th book. I think the series is pretty much wrapped up, don’t you?
    —-Gordon Korman—-

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