NMDD“Old Shep, My Pal is the most boring book I’ve read in my entire life. I did not have a favorite character. I hated everybody equally. The most interesting part came on the last page where it said ‘The End.’ This book couldn’t be any lousier if it came with a letter bomb. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.”


Nobody understands Wallace Wallace. The reluctant middle school football hero has been suspended from the team for writing a negative book report on Old Shep, My Pal. But Wallace is the most honest kid on earth, and he can’t tell a lie – he hated every minute of the book. Why does the dog in every classic novel have to die at the end?

Now Wallace is on detention. He has to serve his time in the gym, during rehearsals for the school play: Old Shep, My Pal, the stage version!



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