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My first novel came out in 1978, so you’ve got a lot to choose from! I’ve written over eighty books in all, including humor, action/adventure, mystery, historical fiction, and even a little poetry. So what’ll it be? Individual novels? Series? Teen? The oldies but goodies from when I was just a kid?


JACKPOT hi resThis is the really new stuff – just released, or HYPNOTISTS 2 covernot even published yet. I don’t play favorites with my books – like with my kids, I love them all the same. But I’m always the most psyched about what’s newest – and I’m dying to find out how my readers enjoy it! Get the latest HERE!


swindleI’ve been writing series ever since the 7thm4575_hypnotistsbo_4cc grade English project that started my writing career, and I have no intention of stopping. Some of my best selling and most popular books come from series. Check them out HERE.


ungiftedThere’s something special about creating a groupSchooled of characters and taking them out for a spin like a well-tuned Lamborghini. You’ll find a lot of the books I’m proudest of RIGHT HERE.


POP PBI’ve been writing for teens ever since I was, well,JUVIE a teen. Some of my all time favorite novels are the ones I created for a young adult audience. To learn more about them, CLICK HERE.


No titleI love the classics! This is my real old-9781443124935school stuff. This group includes novels that were written when I was in high school and even middle school. Some of these books have been read and enjoyed in FIVE different decades – the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and today. GO OLD SCHOOL.