These are in no particular order, and stretch from my very first contract signing in 1976 to last week. Enjoy … and please no wisecracks about the hair. I used to have tons; now I have none. I get that.


Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the library … Luthor is even more fierce than I thought!








CceJuh1UEAMTv0N.jpg-largeMACDONALD HALL has come to the small screen! Here’s the poster from BRUNO & BOOTS: GO JUMP IN THE POOL









Scenes from Scholastic’s Summer Reading Road Trip. That’s the one and only (creepily puppet-wielding) R.L. Stine on the right.









kormanPoster1_v2The official Gordon Korman “READ” poster, courtesy of the media wizards at North Broward Preparatory School.










Proof positive of my Canadian origins. (Age: 9. Most recent haircut: unknown.)








With Kwame Alexander, waiting to sign books at the legendary Texas Library Association conference. (Matching glasses and  haircuts unintentional.)








TrollWith Brandon Mull, James Dashner, Jude Watson, and Seattle’s famous bridge troll. Note the superpowers we acquired on the Worlds Collide tour.






Ingenius kid-designed logo of my name – another fringe benefit of visiting a lot of schools!







IMG_20131108_120324Don’t you think any great series deserves its own pastry? I present the official HYPNOTISTS cupcake!










At age thirteen at my first contract signing for THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING AT MACDONALD HALL.









20130917_150502With NY Giants defensive end Justin Tuck at Tuck’s RUSH for Literacy.







Check out this cool cover design for the German edition of MASTERMINDS. Very different, but I kind of love it! (FYI, the subtitle translates to “In the Eye of Power.)









20130312_112625With “Tin Man,” the UNGIFTED robot, courtesy of Fischer Middle School.










Gordon Korman, Jude Watson, Peter Lerangis, Patrick Carman in Times Square for NASDAQ openingThe 39 CLUES team in Times Square, New York City, after opening the NASDAQ stock exchange. That’s me on the left, with Jude Watson, Peter Lerangis, and Patrick Carman.










Cover design for WHATSHISFACE, coming in May, 2018. Can’t wait!










StandingPeterWhoopiGordon1With Whoopi Goldberg and Peter Lerangis after 39 CLUES: ONE FALSE NOTE webcast.







unspecifiedOnstage with the cast and producers of BRUNO & BOOTS: GO JUMP IN THE POOL.







authors zappingTurning our Worlds Collide superpowers on Brandon Mull, with the help of Rick Riordan (2nd from left).







nick swindlePoster for Nickelodeon’s SWINDLE.









korman9School visit, age 15. Yikes! Those clothes; that hair!










unspecified-1Stlylin’ in my Macdonald Hall blazer at the GO JUMP IN THE POOL premiere.









The cover of UNGIFTED in Turkish. FYI the SIZ of YETENEK(SIZ) actually means “un.” (In Turkish, it’s a suffix, not a prefix.)






Gordon-Korman-NBFAt the National Book Festival.










BloombergAt Gracie Mansion with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.








small_Gordon_KormanFrom the vault: My original 39 CLUES agent card.








unspecified-2With the kids of Macdonald Hall and Miss Scrimmage’s.







GordonReading1With Whoopi again, onstage at the ONE FALSE NOTE webcast.







If you can have HYPNOTISTS cupcakes, why not RESTART muffins?





Her Majesty and Vassals 2The 39 Clues team on the Iron Throne from TV’s Game of Thrones. Hope we look suitably solemn.









P1020284In action in Tucson, Arizona during THE MEDUSA PLOT tour.







.facebook_-1152162807The original 39 Clues authors. From left – Riordan, Korman, Watson, Lerangis.